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Living Stages  - Theatre for real life!

About Us:

Living Stages is an emerging 501(c)3 non-profit theatre organization based in Portland Oregon. We have a strong commitment to developing deep roots in our local communities, and in stretching to grow our connections to other Theatre of the Oppressed organizations and movements across the globe.

Tamara Lynne, Artistic Director

Tamara Lynne been performing since the street theatre of her youth in small-town Oregon, and is passionate about theatre as a process of transformation and empowerment. Since 2001 when she first trained with Augusto Boal, she has offered Theatre of the Oppressed workshops to the Portland community. In 2004 she traveled to Brazil to work and train with the theatre brigades of the MST, Brazil's Landless Movement. She is founder of Living Stages, and also performs with Portland Story Theater and has worked with PlayWrite, Inc.

Rut Martínez-Alicea, Board of Directors

Lara Messersmith-Glavin, Board of Directors

Karla Morgan, Board of Directors

Tamara reflects on lessons from Jana Sanskriti's experiences, on a professional development trip to West Bengal India. Photo by Mariama Diallo

Rut strategizes over coffee at the Bipartisan Cafe.

Lara contemplates the big questions and keeps the process real.

Karla clarifies and organizes the issues, over tea in Montavilla

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